Noah is hands down the best. He will always give you more than you need so that you really get a concept under your fingers. Not only that but he actually teaches you how to work it into your playing, something no other course has done. The best thing is, if you’re stuck or would like some feedback then just reach out. He’ll give you honest useful feedback. He has done more for my playing in months than anyone has done in years. Thank you Noah 🤗

Nathan Mckenzie

Rob L

Noah is a genius. He is so generous with his talent, knowledge, and passion and so gifted with his teaching of jazz that if all you can do is appreciate his class as the door to your personal growth as a musician, then you will have what you need to play jazz the way you've wanted to play jazz. Thank you, Noah. Brain to heart to fingers.

Sean Miletich

Learn Modern Techniques from a Modern Pianist

Noah Kellman is an excelent piano instructor. The way that he teaches the piano is a very simple yet rich one. He says things that go directly to the point but doesnt leave out any information out. I have been learning from him for more than a year and everytime i have played something or applied a concept, my piano keep building up. Many instructor teaches you concepts that are nice but need a lot of knowledge to understand, but noah teaches you something that can be applied in the moment and also instructs you to where it can go and how it can go.

Alejandro Pando

Working with Noah has helped me improve faster than any other method I’ve tried. His material is so easy to follow, and fun too! He’s someone who genuinely cares about you and your learning experience. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to improve their piano skills and musical knowledge. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


Noah Kellman is a very talented musician and an excellent teacher. I was lucky enough to learn jazz improvisation from him. He is a professional and understands the details of what he does. His course on jazz improvisation is the best resource for acquiring the skill of improvisation. In the course, everything is structured and gradually goes from simple towards complex. Also, he always gives a detailed answer to any question, and he is always interested in the success of the students. Thank you Noah for sharing your experience with us.